Emanuel Gargano

Emanuel Gargano comes from Assisi, Umbria, where he gets his creative and emotive education, and where he still has his study and home, notwithstanding the numerous experiences that see his presence around the world. It is hard to place his multiform activity within the boundaries of a single professional field, since his work ranges from architecture to industrial design, contemporary art and the study of light.
Over the years, he has obtained many accolades, last of which is the Compasso d’Oro.
His opus reveals a deep fascination for the material of the natural and synthetic elements that he uses and shapes, searching for their interior soul; that’s what life does with him as well, every day.
Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell for AMURA Professional reunion between Emanuel Gargano, Umbria-born and based in London, with Anton
Cristell, New Yorker living in Rome: this new collaboration takes place after a long hiatus, and makes the best of the renewed artistic maturation and their expertise, as strengthened by their respective experiences.
Both are into industrial design, visual design and architecture, with a common link between their project being a visceral respect for the matter.